A New Kind of Safety from Mazda with the 2018 Mazda CX-3

We rely on our vehicles to handle all manner of conditions such as weather, roads of various states of repair, and of course different types of terrain. We rely on them to handle this, and we rely on them to do it safely: For the sake of ourselves, our families and the functioning of society as a whole.

Mazda, in an effort to marry their trademark elegance with practicality and a new definition of safety, has designed a new, revolutionary adaptive and predictive four-wheel-drive system. This system can control the attraction of individual tires, allowing the vehicle to handle smoothly on most reasonable road conditions, various types of terrain, and be ready for the best and worst of weather.

This technology allows for safer stopping, better control in adverse conditions, and more power when off-road. You can get the job done, and you and your family can do it safely. Come visit us at Dolan Mazda today to see just how attractive this new technology is, and how comfortable you will be while you enjoy it.



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