If you've ever tried to sell a car, you know it can be a real hassle.

Even if you have the nicest model of your car in Reno, NV, you still have to prep it, price it, advertise it, and get ready to show it.

And that's before the phone calls, visits from strangers, and shady "test drives" even begin!

Once you get a real buyer, you have to worry about their funding, handling all the paperwork, and hoping they don't back out at the last minute.

KBB and Dolan Mazda Spare You the Trouble

We love selling cars at Dolan Mazda. We love the vehicles, the customers, and the process. And we take delight in seeing a happy customer drive off the lot.

But we can understand why you might not enjoy it so much.

That's why we have teamed with the professionals at Kelley Blue Book (KBB) to offer you an instant cash offer on your car.

Yes, it's real. The KBB Instant Cash Offer tool provides you a real offer for your vehicle. Check out the tool on our website and fill out some information about your vehicle, and you could get an instant estimate on your vehicle's value.

The offer applies to either a purchase or a trade. It can be redeemed instantly for cash or to be applied to another car on our lot here in Reno, NV.

How KBB Instant Offers Are Calculated

KBB is the top authority on valuing vehicles. They have more data about car prices, market conditions, trends and overall supply and demand than anybody else in the business.

Based on your vehicle's specific details, market conditions and things like regional factors that influence the Reno, NV economy, KBB's Instant Offer Tool will give you an immediate real offer.

As you know, markets and preferences change, so your Instant Cash Offer is valid for three days (not including Sundays).

KBB Instant Cash Offer vs Trade-In Value

If you're used to thinking about KBB as a great reference for finding a car's trade-in value, you are exactly right. However, the Instant Cash Offer involves a different process and often gives a different result than a KBB Trade-In Value.

A KBB Trade-In Value is:

  • An estimate of trade-in value only. It only considers the value of your car as a trade toward the purchase of another
  • A general estimate, not a commitment on behalf of an actual dealer
  • Updated weekly, not instantly in response to market conditions

On the other hand, a KBB Instant Cash Offer:

  • Is a fixed, real offer made on behalf of Dolan Kia. It binds us to KBB's offer.
  • Eliminates your need to negotiate or wonder about the value of your car. It is simple, straightforward, and direct.
  • Is based on specific details about your particular vehicle such as options, appearance and mechanical systems
  • It is also based on up-to-date data on our local market here in Reno, NV.

Vehicle Inspections with KBB Instant Cash Offers

When you bring your car to Dolan Mazda with a KBB Instant Cash Offer, we will perform a visual inspection and may test drive it to determine its mechanical status.

If your Mazda is in line with the Instant Cash Offer's online assessment, we will proceed. If not, the Instant Cash Offer can be adjusted based on the inspection report.

Will You Buy or Trade With KBB Instant Cash Offer?

Once you see your Instant Cash Offer, you get to choose whether to sell your vehicle on the spot or trade it for a new model.

We think our selection, prices and commitment to your satisfaction make buying a new car at Dolan Mazda a great choice. Bring your Instant Cash Offer in today and see for yourself.