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Cars and the technology that makes them go have come a long way since the early days of the first Model T. Today's cars are even more advanced than those of just a generation ago, and most motor vehicles require technicians who have specialized knowledge and technology to get anything done. If you are a Mazda vehicle owner, you're in luck because Tom Dolans Reno Mazda KIA has certified, trained, and professional service technicians who can give your vehicle serviced to run like new. To learn more about our service center continue reading.

Mazda Service

Our service department will help you with scheduling regular maintenance visits that can help you to keep on top of small issues and prevent common problems. Many Mazda vehicles come with specialized warranties and other protections that make it less expensive for owners to access technical expertise, parts, and friendly service. That said, to get the most out of these services Mazda owners should take the time to schedule regular service visits.

Mazda Recommended Vehicle Maintenance Services

Mazda vehicles include many exclusive features and technologies that set them apart from the pack. They also include many basic vehicular systems that underlie power and luxury. By keeping these primary systems in decent shape, drivers like you can keep your vehicles younger and safer in the long run. Some standard preventative maintenance services include:

Oil Change

The oil is the lubricant that keeps engines young and strong. New oil can resurrect even old engines, but old oil can wreak havoc on new motors. Mazda vehicles use a range of motor oils that include synthetic varieties. These vehicles come in many models and trim levels and depending on the specifications may call for specific motor oil types.

For best results, Mazda vehicle owners should look through their owners' manuals to find out which specific types of oils work best for their systems. Drivers who operate vehicles that run on synthetic oil may be able to go extra-long distances between changes. That said, periodic checks during seasonal tune-ups never hurt.

Electrical System

The vehicle's electrical system helps to energize everything from the starter to the radio. Modern vehicle electronics has become a complicated affair, and technicians now use specialized software tools to diagnose different problems.

Mazda vehicles use plenty of electrical gear, and by having technicians hook up to these systems regularly, operators can figure out unseen problems in their electrical systems.

Tire and Suspension Checks

The tires and the suspension systems on Mazda vehicles see especially tough use due to their contact with the road itself. As such, suspension and tire systems require more frequent attention than certain other systems.

For example, tires should be checked for air pressure levels and signs of damage monthly. Other tire checks, such as rotations and alignments, should be performed seasonally. Mazda dealership technicians can bring precise tools and techniques to bear on Mazda vehicles of all types.

Engine Compartment Maintenance

It can be easy to forget about the unseen components that lie under the hood. Nevertheless, all of these components perform critical jobs. The belts and hoses, in particular, are unsung members of the engine team, and making sure that these components are in sound condition can preclude many other issues. Belts and hoses operate in hot and high energy environments, and as such, they should be inspected by owners frequently. Certified and equipped dealership professionals can perform more detailed inspections during seasonal or other visits.

In addition to the belts, the air filters are other unseen components that are vital to engine operation. A clogged air filter can completely befoul engine performance. During service visits, certified technicians can use Mazda Genuine air filters when they make replacements. These air filters can stop and trap many pollutants in their tracks, keeping the cylinders clean and ready for operation.

If your Mazda vehicle requires repairs or scheduled maintenance services, don't wait until it's too late. Schedule your next appointment online and give your Mazda vehicle a new lease on life.

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